Why are we the best review?

Through years of exhaustive market research and
continuous consultation with restaurant owners, staff
and customers, we have come up with a review
criteria that speaks for itself.  

It is a veritable checklist that any restaurant owner
would agree are the hallmarks of what makes a
restaurant successful.

It is also the first review that is intended to be used
by the restaurant as much as by the reader…

  • What are your biggest strengths and
    weaknesses as a restaurant?
  • Do you know?

If not, chances are, you’re not running at optimum

rReview is the first step in evaluating where you
need the most help.  And a great segue into finding
the most effective way to use our consulting
rReview is:

  • Free for online users

  • Comprehensive and covers all aspects of a
    successful operation

  • Easy to understand; well organized into 3
    primary categories and over 30

  • The only review that outlines an exact
    formula used to reach each score

  • Able to provide a larger range of scores to
    allow for better differentiation

You may also want to include options for:

  • Follow up analysis and discussion

  • An attempt at problem solving with
    subsequent review to potentially improve
    your score

  • A full listing with all premium options on
If you are a restaurant owner, rReview
provides value in 3 ways, giving:

  • a coherent and comprehensive overview and
    evaluation of your establishment

  • recognition for excellence upon receipt of a
    positive rating

  • the ability to analyze and compare yourself
    with competing establishments
For information about our other services check
rListing and rConsulting.