Why are we the best listing?

The average restaurant spends 3-6% of sales on
marketing, 75% of that on getting new customers,
and 25% on getting repeat customers.

While our marketing experts can more specifically
help reduce your costs and improve your results,
rListing is a great first step to help you attract more
customers to your restaurant and let them know
what exactly you have to offer.

The listing service is
free if you just want our basic
services. However, the cost is minimal for premium
services and in both cases an excellent way to
increase traffic to your website* and your

Our goal is to take steps to ensure that our site
appears in the top ten search results on all major
search engines when users enter terms indicating a
desire to search for restaurants in a particular area
or with particular amenities.
Our listing provides the following:

  • Basic listing information about your
    restaurant including address, phone number
    and type of cuisine

  • No advertisements

  • A specially formulated and innovative
    categorization of features, with over 30
    categories.  Each category is cross-
    referenced with every restaurant, enabling
    users to search for very specific dining
    experiences and allowing restaurants to
    emphasize points of difference

  • No preferential treatment on searches for
    premium prices

  • Free for all online users

  • Updated regularly

  • Calendar of events for your specific
    restaurant, as well as an overview calendar
    showing “what’s happening” around the city
    on any given day/evening
Upgrade options include:

  • a brief description of your restaurant
  • the latest version of your menu
  • ability to login to our site and track how much
    traffic your specific listing is getting, and
    track how many users visit your website from
  • promote specials, offers or advertise special
  • a link to your restaurant’s rReview rating
For information about our other services check out
rReview and rConsulting.