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Our mission statement:
"To provide customers with the necessary tools to
obtain the best overall dining experience, and to
provide restaurants with the means to create that
We aim to provide the most comprehensive
restaurant listing, review and consulting company in
the world through the following services:

A listing service that is dynamic enough to allow its
users to find exactly what they are looking for.

An easily readable review site that clearly and
concisely analyses a restaurant’s strengths and

A consulting team that consists of experts in every
aspect of restaurant operation.

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In the NEWS....

April 25, 2010
The list that you've been waiting for is here!
The Top Twenty Cafe Songs for 2010" by Ramy
Abu-Yousef and Alyson Vidoli is now available.

June 1st, 2009
Take our new Efficiency Questionnaire and Survey
online and get an instant efficiency score for free!
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May 1st, 2009
It's that time of year again...Ramy Abu-Yousef and
Alyson Vidoli have released "
The Top Twenty Cafe
Songs for 2009".  Don't miss out on this list of
great new artists!

April 17, 2008
Music Coordinator Alyson Vidoli and CEO Ramy      
Abu-Yousef have collaborated to create their first    
"Top Twenty Cafe Songs for 2008".

January 9, 2008
Check out our featured article...the                         
Top Ten Reasons Restaurants Fail" by Ramy        

November 1, 2007
The creator of rInnovations, Ramy Abu-Yousef,       
was recently featured in an article for                       
Entrepreneur magazine and MSNBC.  To view the   
aricle, click